VRE-TRAK, Division of CS Systems Company, Inc., is an Asheville, North Carolina based company that manufactures a Patent Pending, Vehicle Recovery Equipment (VRE) that we call VRE-TRAKs. The VRE-TRAK is a Recovery – Traction Board that sets a new standard using the most advanced, rugged polymer construction along with an innovative design that is Made in the U.S.A. Our extensive knowledge of polymer chemistry, engineering and manufacturing helped to us develop and offer a full line of products that fit well in the off -road, recreational vehicle market including; Recovery Ropes, Tow Straps, Fire Suppression and Complete Vehicle Recovery Kits.

Our sister division, Milspec Plastics, has a proven track record of providing the most innovative and highest quality plastic products to the security market for years- such as Patented Cobra Cuffs Disposable Restraints to the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement Agents around the world. For security related products; Visit our Milspec website at www.milspecplastics.com.